I got up like every day, but a little earlier, as we have a trip planned.

First, we went to Cobh. ,When we arrived, we saw the cathedral, later we wanted to visit the titanic museum but unfortunately we didn’t have time so, we walked for the city center where we saw a fantastic square with flag of all sites.

Then, we went to Youghal, in there we visited a museum and a cemetery and we were walking for the center of the village, it was funny because I was walking with a Frenchman and an Italian,we were learning lots of languages apart from English. Later, we went to the beach knowing how are the beaches here in Ireland.
The weather was good so the temperature was terrific.

When I arrived in to Kinsale, I went home for rest and have dinner, at 7 o’clock I met with friends and walked for the center of Kinsale.

It’s been a good day.

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