Hello! Hope you are well! I am here now in riverstick. My family is very very nice and friendly. Since Monday I have joined in on many activities such as dancing, skating, playing video games and going for walks. I also played cards and monopoly (a board game). My family has two dogs and a cat. I must say I really really love them and I enjoy spending time with them. My family have a large area of land which I have spent a lot of time in! Their grass is awesome and so green! The weather isn’t anything like Spain (it is much colder ????).The house is in the countryside which suits me as I too live in the countryside. William, Marie and myself played hide and go seek yesterday and I really enjoyed that. Today I’ve spent a really good time. This morning I went for a walk with William and in the evening I’ve gone with Marie, Colleen, John and Alex to the cinema. We saw despicable me 3 and it was very funny. I’m spending a great time here!

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