Four days left until I come back home. I want to come back to Spain because I’m missing my brother, my parents and my friends. But, on the other hand, I don’t want to leave Ireland because I’m having a great time here and I’ll miss all my irish family a lot when I leave. I’m having opposite feelings right now as you can see. This morning I went with William for a walk in kinsale. At first, he wanted to get a haircut but the hairdresser was very busy so we went to buy an ice cream and then we went for a walk around kinsale. When John finished working at two o’clock, Colleen took us to Blarney and John and me went to the Blarney Castle and I kissed the Blarney Stone. I really loved going to the Blarney Castle and I’m very, very thankful for Colleen to take us there and for John to come with me. John is claustrophobic and I know it was difficult for him to get to the top of the Castle because the stairs of the Castle were very small and there was a lot of people as well. John has been very nice with me all this month. Yesterday John was working all day so I couldn’t be with him. I watched Harry Potter movies with William and Caitlin, though. I LOVE Harry Potter movies so I had such a great day yesterday. I definitely will miss all this when I leave on Sunday.

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