Today I got up at 8:45, as every day that I have camp.

In the camp we did sailing ⛵ in the sea with others students, in the morning we went to Charles Fort, fortunately it was very windy, so we arrived very fast ????. In Charles Fort we lunch.

After lunch, we took our boat to go back, unfortunately, our boat broke its ropes, so we had to change the boat. For luck, our instructor was very funny, so we laughed a lots with him.

Later, my sister and me came back home with Kathy, she is my mum those weeks and she is lovely ????. In home we dinner pasta with tomato. It was delicious ????.

In the night, we met with friends and Victoria, our leader. After met, we went to Marta’s house, she is a beautiful girl with 9 year old, in her house we were talking with her about this great experience.

This is incredible!

Paco ????????

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