Hey! Just letting you know what I’ve been doing for the past few days. On Wednesday I went to Dublin with Hannah, Colleen and Ellen . We spent all day there and in the evening we went to Ikea (that was the «best» part of our trip). I had a great time that day and I’m really thankful to Colleen for taking me to Dublin (it was a very long trip by car and she drove the whole way). On Thursday I didn’t get up too much but then, on Friday all the kids came back home from their holidays with their dad (I missed them a lot when they weren’t here). On Friday night we watched a film and John fell asleep and he started snoring (it was so funny). Yesterday I went with John, my best friend????, to walk the dogs, Max and Austin. Then I watched videos on YouTube with William (it was fun although William is not????????). Today I haven’t done much apart from reading, I must say William tried yo read in spanish and we’re planning to play monopoly tonight and going for a walk.

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